Some of our most popular sessions for leaders and managers. All sessions can be adapted to your particular needs, including running for half or full days. If you don't see what you need please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.
Leading and Developing your team

Strong Leadership teams, that can motivate and inspire, are key to ensuring the success of any setting. But how confident is your team in understanding their role in the wider context of your provision? Do they have the knowledge and skills to support staff and improve provision? By the end of this training your staff will be well on the path to becoming successful leaders.

This training:

  • looks at the importance of leaders and managers being properly trained

  • explores the difference between leadership and management and explores leadership styles

  • considers the role of the leadership team and unpicks the responsibilities of managers, deputies and room leaders

  • looks at ways to understand the needs and motivations of staff teams and use this to coach and mentor them

  • proposes practical and time efficient ways to develop the quality of your team

  • explores the process of induction, supervision and appraisal to both develop staff and tackle under performance

Self-evaluation and development planning
Image by Ian Schneider

Being a reflective practitioner and working in an environment where critical reflection is embedded into practice is a key part of providing outstanding care and learning opportunities for children.


While the Ofsted self-evaluation form was removed in early 2018, the requirement to self-evaluate practice is still firmly imbedded into the inspection framework, with a focus on how improvements benefit outcomes for children, staff and families.

This training will:

  • unpick Ofsted expectations around self-evaluation

  • explore national policy and how it impacts on your provision

  • look at how to make self-evaluation a whole-setting activity

  • consider the role of data in evaluating your provision

  • explore the process of self-evaluation from start to finish 

  • look at how to get meaningful parental feedback and engagement

Getting It Right From The Start - Recruitment, Selection, Induction and Supervision.

Building the right team for your setting is key. Having a weak team, or weak employees impacts every aspect of your business. It can be time consuming and costly to deal with the impact of poor performance. Recruiting the right person in the first place to meet your organisational needs and supporting them effectively to embed into the ethos of your provision can save time, money and reputation in the long run. Having robust supervision and staff development can help to ensure your team continues to develop and feel motivated, hopefully ensuring they remain a valued member of your team for many years.

This training will:

  • look at how to recruit new staff members, ensuring the principles of safer recruitment and safeguarding are robustly covered

  • explore how to select the right person for your organisation

  • unpick the importance of robust induction

  • consider how supervisions can be used to motivate and develop staff teams

  • understand Ofsted requirements with regards to recruitment and supervisions

Using Data and Cohort Tracking Wisely 

With a shift away from Ofsted relying on tracking and paperwork to demonstrate the progress children are making, you may feel there is no longer a need to collect data. However, while it won't be the focus of an Ofsted inspection, data can still be a vital tool in helping you understand how best to support children's learning and development.

This training will cover:

  • how to collect data

  • the importance of accuracy

  • using data to support children’s outcomes

  • using data to improve staff performance

  • the value of national data for your setting

  • using data for self-evaluation

"Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could do." Steve Jobs