Below are some of our most popular sessions  around safeguarding. All sessions can be adapted to your particular needs, including running for half or full days. If you don't see what you need please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.
Basic Child Protection

Child protection is everyone's responsibility and Ofsted are clear that all Early Years workers need to be trained in it. During this day-long training we cover all required aspects, ensuring your staff feel confident to deal with any child protection situation.


As part of this training we cover:

  • Signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect

  • Domestic abuse

  • Bullying/Peer-on-peer abuse

  • Female genital mutilation

  • Dealing with disclosures

  • Reporting concerns, both in and out of the setting

  • Concerns around fellow staff

  • Radicalisation and the Prevent duty

  • The online world

Safer Recruitment and Working Practices
Image by Micah Williams

Are you responsible for recruitment in your setting? Do you know your legal duty to ensure the safety of children? Would you like to know more and ensure your setting is doing all it can to protect children in your care from coming to harm. Then this is the course for you.


In this training we look at best practice in safeguarding around recruitment, including:

  • Advertising

  • Shortlisting

  • Interviewing

  • Vetting

  • Induction

  • Ongoing supervision

  • Day-to-day procedures

  • Agency staff

Child Protection for Designated Leads

Ofsted stipulate that every Early Years setting has a designated person whose role it is to take the lead around Child Protection and Safeguarding. In this training we build on the knowledge from the basic training to give learners the skills and tools to take on this vital role.

As part of this training we cover:

  • Defining the role of the designated lead

  • The importance of online safety 

  • Explore what is meant by the toxic trio

  • Managing allegations against staff

  • Making referrals and attending case conferences

  • Keeping up to date with legislation

  • Serious case reviews

  • Safeguarding partners

Risk Assessments - Don't Panic!

In today's risk-adverse society it can feel as though health and safety and risk assessments prevent us from even moving. You may feel unsure of what to risk assess or how to go about it. Or you may feel you are drowning under risk assessment paperwork. Fear not, this training will demystify the art of effective risk assessments.


In this training we will:

  • look at the legislation around risk assessments

  • consider the process of conducting risk assessments

  • introduce the idea of risk/benefit analyses

  • consider how much paper work is enough

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